Best SSG Courses To Take in Singapore for 2022

Singapore is one of the top countries providing quality education and excellent career opportunities. With a staggering 86.2 percent ease of doing business, it’s no surprise that the Lion City is a hotspot  for entrepreneurs and career-driven individuals.

If you’re looking to start or boost your career in this country, enrolling in a SkillsFuture  Series course is a great place to start. For those unfamiliar, SkillsFuture  Singapore (SSG) is a top-notch organization that provides continuous learning to help employees gain new skills and excel in their careers.

To help you make the most out of your learning experience, here are some of the best SSG courses that you can take in Singapore for 2022:


Running a business takes more than just having a great product or service. It also requires excellent marketing, management, and leadership skills. If you want to develop your business acumen, consider taking business-related courses.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking they can do everything independently. However, the saying goes, “There’s no I in a team.” As such, learning how to delegate tasks and manage a team is essential for any business owner.

Business courses offered by SSG will teach you the basics of management so that you can stay on top of the latest industry trends and practices. These courses will also help you build a strong foundation for your business.

Electronics and Infocomm  Technology

In this digital age, technology is constantly evolving, and it’s essential to be on top of the latest trends and developments. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, consider taking Electronics and Infocomm  technology courses.

These courses will teach you how to use various electronic devices and software applications. You’ll also learn about cybersecurity, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and other essential skills that will come in handy in today’s tech-driven world.

By having the foundations necessary to understand and use new technologies, you’ll be well-equipped to succeed in your chosen field. So, expand your skillset  by taking this course offered by SSG.


The competitive field of engineering is always looking for innovative and creative minds. For those with a knack for problem-solving and an interest in this field, take an engineering course to give you a leg up in the job market.

Engineering courses offered by SSG will teach you the basics of this fascinating field. You’ll learn about different branches of engineering, such as mechanical, electrical, and aircraft engineering. These courses will also give you a substantial headstart  in mathematics and physics, which are essential for anyone who wants to grow in this field.

With enough knowledge and experience, you can eventually become a certified engineer in Singapore. This way, you’ll be on your path to an exciting and rewarding career.

Design and Media

As more and more businesses move online, the need for excellent design and media skills is also increasing. That’s why taking a design and media course is a perfect way to future-proof your career.

These courses will teach you the basics of graphic design, web development, and digital marketing. You’ll also learn about different fundamentals necessary for a successful career in this field, such as design thinking and project management.

When you know how to identify and solve design problems, you’ll be well-equipped to take on any challenge that comes your way. It’s time to take your career to the next level by enrolling in a design and media course.

Geratric nurse monitoring blood sugar of senior woman with diabetes

Applied Health Science

Scientific ideas and methods are constantly evolving, so staying updated in this field is essential. If you want a career in the health sciences, consider taking an applied health science course.

Applied health science courses offered by SSG will provide you with the latest knowledge and skills in this field. You’ll learn about different topics, such as improving patient outcomes, healthcare management, and modern research methods. These courses will also give you a strong foundation in assistive technology, which is necessary for any career in this industry.

Enrolling in an applied health science course is a great way to start your journey towards a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Culinary and Hospitality

The food and beverage industries are booming in Singapore, so there’s no better time to consider a career in this field. SSG’s culinary and hospitality course will teach you the basics of cooking and baking and various front-of-house skills. You’ll also learn about different food and beverage industry aspects, such as food safety, menu planning, and cost control.

This course is perfect for those who want to start a career in the culinary or hospitality industries. With the skills and knowledge you’ll gain from this course, you’ll be well-prepared to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Many SSG courses will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career. Whether you’re interested in engineering, design and media, applied health science, or culinary and hospitality, there’s something for everyone. So, take the time to research which course is best for you and get started on your journey today.

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