Degrees You Should Consider Taking to Secure Your Future Career

Everyone knows that you should follow your dreams, whatever it is, but some teenagers who still haven’t planned their lives out will still need to choose a degree when they need to go to college. So, instead of taking a long time to choose a degree you are not yet entirely sure of, consider something that will secure your future instead. Not only will this choice guarantee you some valuable life skills, but it could also mean you will have a profitable career.

Top College Degrees You Should Consider

It’s difficult to predict what’s in store for the future, especially in this era of uncertainties. But based on recent trends, some college degrees allow you to grow as an individual while ensuring that you will have a career path with many options and good turns. So prepare your application checklist for getting into college and take note of these industries you should consider when choosing your degree:

1. Health Care

Of course, one of the most critical industries, especially now that there is a global health crisis, is health care. There are many careers you can choose from when you graduate with a degree related to health care. Not only that, but you will have a significant impact on the community as healthcare professionals work with skills and passion for helping their patients recover and become better.

Since a considerable percentage of the population is elderly, there will be a growth in demand for healthcare professionals in the next ten years. The need for licensed nurses, anesthetists, midwives will grow 5% between 2020 and 2030. And in case you don’t see yourself working with patients, you also have the option to do administrative work like being a medical services manager, which is also in demand.

2. Digital Marketing

As technology continuously grows without any signs of slowing down, more aspects of your everyday life will be digitalized. This kind of change is also applicable to marketing, which has been modernized and utilized by many businesses already. It helps increase brand awareness by reaching more audiences. Since more people use their mobile devices to go online instead of reading newspapers or watching TV, digital marketing will be more in-demand in the coming years.

This shift in people’s preference to get information shows that earning a degree specializing in digital marketing could assure you that your future will be secured with a promising job.

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3. Accounting

Degrees related to accounting allow students to have a career in line with big business risk assessment and budget analysis. Of course, these companies have all the budget to hire skilled professionals who can take care of their finances, so you should take advantage of this opportunity, especially if you’re good with numbers.

According to the Bureau of Labor of Statistics, there will be a 7% growth for jobs related to accounting and auditing from 2020 to 2030. This figure shows that the demand will grow as fast as the average trend for other occupations, which means you won’t have any challenges in the future when you start looking for jobs.

4. Engineering

There is a wide range of subspecialties under engineering, a scientific branch focusing on building machines and structures and their practical designs. You could choose between aerospace engineering, computer engineering, environmental engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, and chemical engineering.

The opportunities available for electrical and electronics engineers will grow that by 2026, there will be a total of 21,000 jobs available. The median annual salary for jobs in this field is $91,000. These numbers show how much of a promising career you could have if you take up engineering in college.

5. Psychology

There has been a shift in conversations revolving around mental health in recent years. This change allowed more people to recognize the importance of mental health and its role in society, which caused an increase in the demand for counseling services.

Since psychology is a broad field, you will have many options to choose from when you are looking for a job in the future. You could work as a clinical psychologist, organizational psychologist, psychiatrist, and more. And the demand for these jobs will continue to grow by 3% until 2029, which means you could secure a decent job as soon as you graduate.

Your Future Is Bright

Naturally, other industries will also continue to grow and offer promising futures for anyone who has the skills and qualifications. But the ones listed here are the ones that will already secure your career based on the current trends and predictions. But whatever your dream job is, you should still consider following it.

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