How Technology Has Changed School Life

What are your best memories of school life? This was the phase of your life that involved most of your formative years. During this time, young students are armed with fundamental knowledge that they can use when they grow up and face real life. Those stack of books that you lugged around or kept in school storage might have bothered you at one point, but the information that they carry is invaluable.

School was the place where you first met adults who were not your parents or relatives. They were the teachers and personnel who took care and nurtured you, and it was just right for them to be considered as your second parents. Here was where you met your first friends. Each day, you got to meet for a chat or play around the campus. It was a simple time, free from worries.

Now that you are an adult, have you ever wondered what it would be like at school these days? Technology has made a lot of things easier or more convenient. What impact can they deliver to students now?

Taking Notes

For the college folk, there are many schools now that let their students bring their laptops to class. This is a huge game-changer when it comes to documenting or taking notes. Where before you had to carry different notebooks and pens, those have now been replaced by laptops. Note-taking has been taken to a new level. You have the option to type it all down, or, with your professor’s permission, record the whole lecture.

It might initially turn off some, especially the traditionalists. But this approach has merits, as it allows the student to give their full attention to listening. The recording also lets them revisit the lesson at any time, which can also be beneficial. There can be times when the intention to learn is there, but the mind or body is not willing. So being able to replay that when you have a clearer head will let you absorb the lesson better.


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Smartphones have now become a necessity for many people. They can be a tool to enhance the connection between the school and the students’ parents. Knowing that they can be easily reported for misbehavior should make any pupil reconsider if they are planning to cut class or disrespect a teacher. The parents can also be asked for updates or information should their children miss some classes due to an illness.

Social Media

This is the age when social media is king. If a school has its own page, this can be used to roll out announcements for events and gatherings. Parents can just turn here when the weather is bad to find out if classes are suspended. This can also be a place to showcase the students’ talents. Various works such as poems, short stories, articles, and artwork can be posted here to inspire other kids. Parents can also share the page if they want to recommend the school to others.

The pace at which technology moves may get faster every day. But one thing is for certain: schools will always serve as institutions of learning. They may take a different form in the future, but the teacher and student dynamic will always be there.

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