Online Education in the New Normal: Courses and Training to Take

The COVID-19 crisis has led children out of the classrooms since its outbreak in March 2020. According to UNESCO, approximately 117 million students worldwide have not gone back to school yet. Sure, some students in certain parts of the world have already resumed face-to-face learning. However, millions of children have yet to get back to classrooms.

But if anything, the pandemic has led to the rise of online education. It has challenged educational institutions and brought innovations in the education sector. Many online courses and training pieces have emerged to carve learning among students amid the pandemic restrictions.

While some courses are related to common subjects for students to augment e-learning, others are practical courses aimed at helping children and teens in their day-to-day lives. Most of these online courses are worth taking during this pandemic. Not only will they keep your children busy and preoccupied, but they will also enhance their knowledge and develop their skills.

That said, here are online courses and training for your children to take during this pandemic:

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1. National Geographic’s Online Resources

It can be somewhat challenging for your children to rely on online learning. It’s not like in a classroom setting, where they’re face to face with their teachers. If they don’t understand something, they can ask questions. But at home, they may need your assistance in understanding some primary subjects like English, Math, and Science. Hence, the best course of action is to tap National Geographic’s online resources. They have tons of online resources related to primary curriculum areas, especially KS2.

2. EdPlace’s School Content Courses

Another great resource is EdPlaces that consists of various school content courses. They specifically cater to children aged five to eleven years. They cover subjects such as English, Math, and Science. What’s good about these online courses is that they are engaging and interactive. They’re specialized for young kids who need fun and exciting forms of learning. These courses can be compelling videos and virtual realities for enhanced online learning experiences ideal for children.

3. The School of Life’s Home Learning

As the name suggests, The School of Life’s offers something valuable and helpful in the children’s lives. It has a series of free resources called Tools for Young Minds to help children with home learning. However, these online resources are designed for parents and teachers to help assist their children and students. Some examples of these downloaded materials include indoor activities for boosting imagination and creativity, emotional learning resources for interpersonal relationships and social interaction, and art therapy to explore arts and crafts.

4. Reading Time!

When it comes to enhancing kids’ learning, reading tops the list. As young as they are, you want your kids to have a love for reading. Once they acquire the reading habit, it can take them to places. That’s where Reading Time! comes into the picture. This online resource has a list of children’s authors. These authors usually perform live streaming and read stories aloud. This resource is also complete with schedules indicating the broadcast times.

5. S Learning’s Free and Paid Courses

It’s best to take online courses that teens can use in the future, whether for business or career. A perfect example of this resource is S Learning. This Thai digital platform provides tons of free and paid online courses for various types of learning. These courses vary, from business to finance to digital skills to languages to self-development courses. As such, you may want your teens to take up online courses relevant to their lines of interest.

6. Online Driving Courses

Online driving courses are practical online learning for teens who want to learn how to drive and earn their driver’s license in time. They need to undergo driving orientation, get proper training, and pass the required driving exams. For instance, your teens can complete road safety courses and take driver’s drug and alcohol tests online. Some even take driving simulation online before taking the driving training on the actual road. If your teens want to hit the road legally, take this course.

At this point, you now know how to boost your children’s online education during this pandemic. Consider the online platforms and courses recommended above, from National Geographic’s online resources to Reading Time! to online driving courses. Of course, these are just a few examples best suited for your kids and teens.

However, keep in mind that there are tons of other digital platforms you can consider. Some of these online courses and resources are free or paid. Be sure to factor in what knowledge and skills you want to invest in for your children. From there, you’ll be able to decide what online courses or training they should take amid the COVID-19 crisis.

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