Setting Up Your Learning Space: 3 Things You Need To Know

Studying at home isn’t an ideal way to get an education, but we all have to make do with our current situation. The alternative is to do nothing and languish. But as you’ll soon find out, studying at home isn’t easier than the traditional learning setup. In fact, it’s often more challenging. We read, attend lectures, and create output for hours on end, and it’s easy to neglect our learning space at home.

There are many affordable online master’s programs, but we also need a place to facilitate learning. It’s important to create a dedicated space for our learning, not unlike a home office. You have your desk, a computer, some learning material, and your favorite decor to liven things up a bit. But when we’re so focused on learning, we often neglect cleaning to focus on other matters. But we put our well-being and progress at risk if we put off basic cleaning and maintenance.

We might get sick if our workspace is too dirty. You also might attract pests if you leave food lying around. You can’t attend classes or write papers if your computer malfunctions. Everything grinds to a halt if we don’t take good care of ourselves and our surroundings.

A workspace is more than just a place where we work. It’s also an extension of our psyche. If we keep our desks clean, our thoughts will be more organized as well. Conversely, a cluttered space will also result in a cluttered mind. The outlook in the near-term remains bleak at best, and we need to keep our private bubbles clean and organized. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Clean your learning area

A clean workspace allows you to work better and smarter. Physical clutter also has a psychological component. If your learning area is disorganized, your mind is dealing with the sight of clutter, and you might find it more difficult on your tasks. The solution is simple: if you want your mind to work without distractions, keep your learning area clean.

Of course, if you’re already dealing with clutter, you probably don’t even know where to start. You might feel paralyzed by the amount of work in front of you. Focus on doing one small task at a time until you finish cleaning up the place. It also helps to be mindful of your actions. For instance, eating at your desk can lead to extra cleanup and attract insects and other pests.

2. Check your devices

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Proper maintenance isn’t just about fixing things when they break. It’s also catching early issues before they turn into a real problem. For instance, if you always update your computer’s operating system and clean the cache, then it’s less likely to break down. But preventive maintenance also means you need to know where to look. Consider learning the basics of hardware and software maintenance to prevent bigger issues down the line.

Hardware issues can quickly turn into a safety risk. For instance, a malfunctioning power strip might be annoying at first, but it could also damage sensitive electronics and even electrocute you. Excessive dust can aggravate respiratory conditions and damage sensitive equipment. The cost of repairing and replacing damaged electronics can easily run into the thousands, and preventive maintenance helps you avoid all of that.

3. Get the right upgrades

While your learning space will never replace the traditional learning setup, investing in the right upgrades can improve your productivity and make your situation more sustainable. For instance, sitting for hours on end isn’t good for you, and a standing desk might help relieve some of the discomfort. A good office chair can make your back problems disappear. Investing in a faster laptop can prevent freezes that eat up our time. You get the picture.

You also might want to consider sprucing up your place a bit. If you often feel sad and tired in your learning bubble, a new wallpaper or coat of paint can make your space look more lively. It always helps to place a plant or two in the corner, if only to bring the outdoors into your room. Of course, you don’t have to do everything in one go. Invest in one thing at a time until you are satisfied.

The bottom line

These three tips will help transform your learning space. With the right upgrades, you can boost your mood and improve your productivity. Many of us will remain at home for the foreseeable future, and keeping our spaces clean and buying the right things can make our situation more comfortable and sustainable.

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