Sharpen Your Competitive Edge: 3 Certifications Worth Having on Your Resume

It’s easy to land your dream job. You simply have to compete with thousands of people who have nearly the same credentials on their resumes.

When it comes to impressing your prospective employers, it’s essential that you stand out for all the right reasons. This means going for the skills that benefit companies the most and sets you apart as someone capable and relevant to the industry you’re going for.

While there are specific courses you can take that are aligned to your profession, there are three in particular that can be an asset to anybody regardless of industry.

Emergency Medical Technician

Every employer sees anybody with an EMT certification as an asset to their company. After all, when a health emergency happens, they’ve got someone in the office to help them prevent the worse. It doesn’t matter if your profession isn’t related to firefighting or medicine altogether. Many people take this for various reasons, some of them to further their careers and others to simply equip themselves for daily life.

The skills you’ll learn studying as an EMT will also immensely benefit your work ethic. You’ll learn how to perform well under pressure and stay calm even in the direst situations. It’s also possible to expand your network this way and form valuable relationships that can propel your career forward. After you take your EMT testing session and get your certification, you can even further this endeavor by working part-time in ambulances. It’s an adrenaline-stricken experience worth having. Employers will regard you as a person with the morals and characteristics to pull off any job well.

Information Technology

Information Technology

Being technology-savvy is paramount to any job nowadays. Now that the world has experienced what it’s like to live during a pandemic, it’s even more crucial that the employees they hire are proficient enough to handle complex technology without much supervision.

A certification proving that you’ve taken IT courses assures them that you have the skills to adapt quickly. When the company performs software or cybersecurity updates, they’ll know that you of all people will manage well. With the prevalence of cyberattacks on both big and small companies, it’s also beneficial for them to have people who are knowledgeable enough to avoid putting the company at risk through human error.

Leadership & Mentoring

Companies want people who strive for growth in their careers, and nothing quite says that as much as a certification in leadership and mentoring. Even when you’re just starting out, immersing yourself in these personal development courses give employers the impression that you’re invested in becoming a true professional and a valuable member of their organization.

Better still, you immediately become a candidate for promotion. Your personal interest in learning how to be a leader shows initiative, and that in itself is a sign of the leadership they’re looking for.

Some of these courses are free, and some aren’t. Regardless if you’re paying for them or not, you’re investing time and energy on worthwhile endeavors. These may not be easy to earn, but you won’t regret doing so once you reap the rewards of having these certifications on your resume.

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